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Accelerating Asia's Clean Energy Transformation


Tara is a regionally-led grant-making initiative to accelerate the energy transformation in Asia,  currently hosted by the European Climate Foundation (ECF). Tara aims to become an independent foundation by early 2022 with the full backing of the ECF and a dozen global philanthropic foundations.


Tara’s vision is a just and thriving society in Asia powered by renewable energy.  Our mission is to support a diverse group of partners to accelerate Asia’s energy transformation. Tara has a team of advisors based in the region with strong local networks, We work with civil society organisations, businesses, think tanks and donors to craft compelling strategies to rapidly accelerate clean energy.

Tara covers East, Southeast and South Asia excluding India and China. This region has more than 1.4 billion people and is home to some of the most climate  vulnerable  countries in the world.   

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Tara works closely with funders, foundations and philanthropists to align resources and re-grant funds to other organisations working to accelerate Asia’s energy transformation. We work in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and East Asia, excluding China and India. Tara does not accept unsolicited applications for funding.


Tara's team of regional experts supports and develops networks to encourage and drive collaboration between partners. Tara also creates a hub for thought leadership, leveraging existing knowledge and expertise in Asia to interrogate and spearhead new ideas and collaboration between a wide group of stakeholders to accelerate Asia’s energy transformation.


Tara constantly engages in research and analysis to keep up with the latest news and to enable us to develop evidence-based strategies to achieve Tara’s mission.

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Climate change is a global emergency. The impact of human activity on greenhouse gas emissions and land use have compounded environmental harm and created an escalating crisis. The devastation to our planet and to humanity will be immense if we don’t move urgently to limit the damage. A drastic reduction in greenhouse emissions is needed if we are to stand a chance of staying below 1.5°C of warming relative to pre-industrial levels and prevent major climate disasters. The scale of the problem calls for a transformation of our energy systems and markets, and the creation of a zero carbon society.


Asia is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies: rising incomes coupled with a relatively young population is fueling rapidly growing energy demand. The parts of Asia that Tara works in have shown the least progress and ambition in their transition from fossil fuels to clean energy resources. Ensuring a rapid decline in Asia's climate emissions is critical to the future health of our planet and all living systems within it.   


Asia is the only region in the world where, if policy and investments continue as business-as-usual, coal and other highly polluting fossil fuels will continue to grow for decades and can wipe off the gains in energy efficiency and renewable energy in the rest of the world.    


It is also a region that showcases massive potential for renewable energy, resulting in new opportunities, jobs, economic development and a thriving Asia.

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Tara does not accept unsolicited applications for funding.